Why Study at ESLG

The teaching philosophy at ESLG is competence-based and not content-based. Professors of ESLG are instructed to use competence-based teaching through the document called Guideline for Competence-Based Teaching Philosophy. that can be downloaded here

College ESLG is the first institution that developed the Deep Learning Policy in University Studies.


Strong arguments why study at ESLG are provided below:

•    Strong digital culture with use of software for performing various projects such as Athena Impact Estimator, Ecotect, Ecoinvent, Risk Solver, Excel VBA;
•    Strong digital quality governance culture through course surveys filled in Electronic Grading System and program evaluations filled by student and staff all electronically;
•    Strong in e-research teaching especially with regards to literature review and access to different databases through ESLG, UBT, and Nova Univerza;
•    Digital teaching and digital aides included in course curriculum;
•    College ESLG on Coursera where thousands of courses can be accessed by students. College ESLG in this regard is working with Coursera to offer one video course for free in its field of competency Sustainable and Smart Energy Buildings and Real Estate Appraisal in both English and Albanian;
•    E-library includes all books and readings in English for each particular course;
•    Adaptive capacity of College ESLG to rapid digital transition and transformation;
•    Since 2013, ESLG started with video lectures of Norwegian professors placed in the E-Library of the College and teaching with software by Professor Luca Finochiaro of NTNU in Sustainable Architecture classes;
•    Teaching about smart homes and smart cities as part of curriculum of Energy Buildings;
•    Thinking about real estate development from smart and digital systems;
•    Responsive smart program governance starting from QA processes, from statistical analysis of data to digital teaching. Only weakness is that ESLG uses various platforms that need to be into one integrated system.
•    Strong quantitative research capacity of the College using SPSS;
•    A new research area initiated in using block chain technology in real estate transactions resulting in publication;
•    Department of Real Estate is working on a research of citipreneur and smart solutions opportunities in Kosovo
•    ICT-governance flavor real estate development teaching with the focus on smart automatized home systems, resilient smart infrastructure and use BMS systems in Facility Management;
•    Virtual reality technology of UBT;
•    Smart collaboration of students in research assignments and projects using software to deconstruct a real estate phenomenon;
•    Access to fully E-learning program of Nova Univerza called E-Univerza;
•    Fully transparent college which places everything on website to share information with external stakeholders (public and private) fully online;
•    Digital assessment is part of assessment methods as foreseen also in Guidelines for Student Assessment of College ESLG.

Rector's Speech

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