Programme Information

The law bachelor programme trains you to be a lawyer or jurist knowledgeable in spoken and written legal English and in the rules and legal instruments that form the international and European legal orders. It provides you with thorough knowledge of European and international law, various languages and different legal systems in Europe, and gives you an excellent basis to work as a lawyer or jurist anywhere in Europe.

The programme especially focuses on a variety of legal skills, such as working with statutory materials, reference books and literature. In line with the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) teaching model, you work on real-life case studies both independently and in small groups, and are trained in giving oral presentations, in pleading and arguing a case, as well as for international moot court competitions.

The law bachelor program is a four year study program. The program has 240 ECTS credits. The graduates are eligible to pass the Bar Exam of Kosovo.

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