About ESLG

The College ESLG aims to contribute to the identity of the state and educate young intellectuals to be able to efficiently create a modern democracy (nation building) and integrate it into the Euro-Atlantic area.

The College ESLG is the first major project of academic and professional cooperation of partners from the university sphere in Slovenia and Kosovo in the context of traditionally friendly relationship between two countries.

The College ESLG is a direct consequence of the needs, related to the emergence and development of a new state – the Republic of Kosovo, and orientation of the modern democracy to the European area.

The College ESLG is developing into a teaching and research institution of the highest quality, creating intellectual elite, comparable with that in the European Union and it will take an active part in building up a modern state governed by the rule of law.

Rector's Speech

Dear students, dear colleagues!

It gives me a great pleasure to introduce to you the idea of a new academic institution in Prishtina, the College ESLG (ESLG).More...

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Defense of master thesis Sandra Jaka Muja

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Defense of master thesis Vetiola Reçica

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