Programme information

The Master program focuses on International and European Economic Law, and offers courses of international and European Economic Law, EU Internal Market Law, EU Competition Law and EU External Relations. The Master Program in European Economic Law is a one-year study program, with 60 ECTS points, which is compliant with the 4 + 1 + 3 model, which is applicable within the legal education system in Kosovo.


Courses and curricula of the program shall take into consideration the Kosovo’s needs for legal specialists in the field of European Economic Law, while Kosovo is progressing in its path towards European integration. Both public and private sectors shall need such legal specialists. The Master program shall also educate and train legal professionals in approximating commercial legislation of Kosovo with the Acquis Communitaire.

The program has 60 ECTS credits and lasts one year for full-time students and one and a half year for part-time students.

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