Frequently asked questions

1. What is the role of the Industrial Board?

ESLG College Industrial Board has two broad objectives:

- Advise the College in curriculum design and improve the employability of graduates;
- Increase external involvement in research;

2. What are the mutual benefits for the private sector and the ESLG of having a strong Industrial Board?

The benefits of ESLG are:

- Improving the employment rate and the high level of skills needed by the industry;
- Students and staff understand what the industry requires from ESLG graduates in terms of mentality, professionalism and motivation of graduates;
- Assistance in the practical placement of students before and after graduation;
- Visits to construction sites of construction and infrastructure projects;
- Benefit from visiting speakers;
- Commercialization of the research results of the College;
- Providing assistance for the future direction of the program, school and college;

Benefits of the private construction sector:

• Graduates with interdisciplinary skills and emotional intelligence who know how to face the challenges of the 21st century with entrepreneurial spirit but also with social responsibility with special emphasis on environmental protection and conservation of natural resources;
• Detailed research on the needs of the private sector and not ad-hoc research;


3. What do you expect from graduates?

- High professionalism and problem-solving skills, emotional intelligence and team skills;
- The research ability of ESLG College students makes them at the forefront of competitive advantage over other graduates in solving real problems facing industry and private companies.
- The high academic integrity of ESLG College students makes them worthy of being the driver of change in the construction sector in terms of ethics of doing business, environmental protection, energy conservation, etc.
- Because the spirit of teaching at ESLG is not informative but inspiring where students cultivate the values ​​of industry change for the benefit of environmental protection and healthy buildings (especially now in the post-pandemic time), we expect ESLG students to will serve as inspirers and modifiers of real estate developers and builders processes by cultivating in them the spirit of social responsibility

4. What skills do you want a student of ESLG to develop in order to be employed by you?

• Problem solving skills;
• Opportunity to find information in problem solving;
• Skills of teamwork by being a motivator and inspirer of the group and the organization;
• Emotional intelligence;
• High ethics and high integrity;


5. Why do ESLG students have competitive advantage?

Due to unique and interdisciplinary skills and competencies. Interdisciplinarity makes them unique. In 2019 alone, out of 40 scholarships awarded under the Young Cell Scheme program, 10% were from ESLG students (Bora Duli, Mrika Sefaj, etc.) given that the total number of students in ESLG is hundreds of times smaller than at the University of Prishtina which has 50,000 students. Therefore 10% as beneficiaries of scholarships from a small institution makes this College and its programs a valuable pearl.

6. What is your role in creating the program?

Members of the Industrial Board Gent Sejdiu and Bajram Hoxha have been involved in the Curriculum Review Team of the Program and Drafting of Real Estate Management Programs and have approved the final proposed curriculum.


7. Why did you decide to draft and support program?

Because it is the most unique program in the region and there is no such program in the region given that the construction sector needs managers who are drivers of industry change with a focus on sustainable urbanization. Also according to the World Bank 25% of GDP is generated by the construction sector. Having such a program that generates ethical, professional and responsible managers in the social and environmental aspect will not only help Kosovo but also the entire region and also bring Kosovo closer to European standards in terms of built environment.


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